From the Diary Of

Nikki Johnson

I’ve always been a “big-picture” person. Before diving into any specific parts of massive projects, I enjoy the process of plotting out the overall landscape first; it seems to be wired into my DNA, as the daughter of an electrical engineer. I feel the most energized – personally and professionally – when I’m thrown into an incredibly complex situation, with the expectation that I’ll learn everything I need to know quickly and turn it all into a well-oiled machine that practically runs itself. In recent years, it occurred to me that I needed to apply this approach to my own life, to optimize my full potential; I had to take a step back to gain a richer understanding of the whole of reality, before diving back into dealing with its individual parts. I studied life’s deeper meaning and structure from every conceivable angle – philosophically, psychologically, spiritually, and scientifically – and spent five years traveling through 40 countries and six continents, to gain a much more diverse perspective. I returned from this journey with such a tremendous sense of purpose associated with Adult Education and EdTech; I now feel incredibly inspired to create new structures that help others to acquire knowledge and gain a similar “big-picture” worldview.