Community Guideline


Thank you for being part of Executives Diary Inc. Indeed, it is an honor for  us to have you onboard and entrust us with your ideas, insights, and intentions.

Approval Process
In spite of our limited resources, we are working hard to make Executives Diary one of the most trusted personal journey and learning platforms.
Executives Diary is a by-invitation-only network. Every storyteller is verified and approved through a one-time payment through Payoneer or six-time payments in the form through Patreon. Using the payment transaction, we verify each storyteller by matching the billing address and full name.
We are a startup, and we will work together with our members to create perfect guidelines for our community. These following basic community guidelines are our foundation. These guidelines will keep evolving to become clearer and more effective as we move into the future together.
We will have three types of users sharing their stories on our platform. We will do an in-depth  online search into the background before publishing any story. However, we can't promise you that every storyteller will be authentic. Here is our storyteller professional outreach process.


1. Backstage Executives
We are short listing some of the most influential and busy professionals through LinkedIn, and we create their Diary on backstage.executive Our data Entry freelance team creates their diaries from their public records online.
Executives Diary gives them a guided tour, and in the end, executives either delete their Diary or claim it and we publish it on
2. Front End Registration
Once professionals complete our online registration form, we attempt to validate every application and their stories before publishing them on our website.
3. Visitors and Readers
We connect with our visitors and readers who have either subscribed or registered at our platform and request that they share their stories.

Story Application
Most applications are submitted through our website. However, we also accept interview applications via email
Trust, But Verify
If you have any doubt, to confirm the legitimacy of diaries and storytellers, here are some basic quick search techniques we suggest.
1. Look for executives’ social profile links or their personal or company sites.
2. Read their recommendations on LinkedIn and the Executive profile that left a review about their skills.
3. Read their friends, family, and co-workers autographs, which are present at the end of the Diary, using the "Autographs" tab on the diary menu.


Story Sharing Guidelines.
Executives Diary wants to play a decisive role in preserving human history.
We don't and won't offer any content that can't be rated for children 7+.
Our goal is to make Executives Diary a platform where Millennials can start their learning at an early age.
We strongly discourage hate speech, criticism content, and double meaning content.
We will not allow any extremist group to share their thoughts and mislead the people on our site.
We stand steadfastly against violence and violent content, images, and videos are not allowed.
Writing or telling about an unpleasant experience is acceptable, however naming or writing content to anyone or anything is not allowed.
You may write about your religious beliefs, but you may not criticize other religions or beliefs; we stand for the true spirit of acceptance to all faiths and cultures.
We respect the borders of the world’s countries and believe that each one has its own rights and data.
We believe in unity and equal rights.
Executives’ Diary members are definitely restricted from sharing their political beliefs.
We believe that everyone on the earth is a leader, if s/he chooses to recognize it; we advise you to share what positive change you have brought and can bring into the world.
Our first 100 diaries are perfect examples of what we are looking for, and we showcase them in the founding diaries.


Social Post Sharing Guidelines
You can share your favorite post from your social media account; however, if your posts get less than a 60 percent approval rate, then they will be taken down. We are working on giving you heartening and disheartening icons. If you wish, you may hide your approval rating from your readers.
Report Content
If you find any content that violates our guidelines or contains false claims or even if something just seems fishy, please click and report it immediately. We will quickly and carefully review that content. Please help our moderators and us.  
Your story is yours; you hold the exclusive copyright. We will never reproduce your diary content without your written permission, even for our marketing campaigns.
You will never see random ads on your free dairy. However, we may share our affiliate partners' advertisements. One of the recent programs that we will be showing is the Woodpecker Email Campaign


Author: Muhammad Nauman

Founder, Executives Diary Inc.

Special Thanks to Joyce Gioia For editing and Proof Reading