From the Diary Of

Muhammad Nauman

Entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of the free market economy. It is those who dare to dream and make those dreams a reality who change the world. Thoughts are not reality; ideas have the power to create reality; all we need is the courage to believe in the power of our dreams.
Muhammad Nauman is an entrepreneur, a confessed dreamer, and the founder of Executives Diary. He has that rare talent to find an opportunity and exploit it. Growing up from meager beginnings in Pakistan, Mohammad struggled to achieve. His fascination with Information Technology keeps him abreast of the latest technological developments to look for those essential applications. Mohammad has been the driving force for many businesses centered around Information Technology, from running his own IT repair shop to working as a freelance solutions provider.
Nauman has noted that there is a need for people to tell their stories that have shaped their success in business. This information can be vitally important to inspire the next generation of leaders. Whatever the situation, people select partnerships based on essential factors: (1) can they do the job; (2) would I like to work with them and (3) can I trust them. Personality matters now more than ever. The knowledge base of the internet and the movement towards AI technologies mean that the most discerning factors in a business are the human factors. Executives diary connects with that human element to convey real psychologies