Diaries have been part of our lives for thousands of years, often preserved and read by members of our families decades later. Schedules, meetings, and activities were all kept in diaries.
Diaries were often re-read in their retirement days by their owner.
Executives Diary has been working on this idea for a while now, and it could take us another ten years to complete the full build out; our concept is evolving. We want the human past to be recorded. We want to pass on our skills and knowledge onto generations to come.
We want to create something amazing, which some people do not believe can be done. We want you, our users, to be in control. You pay only for your diary and we will never put advertisements in your diary.


How Much it Cost?
We want to make Executives Diary a member-controlled platform by paying their diary bills through us to our current cloud computing provider Amazon’s AWS.
We are currently charging all executives who want to share their stories a very reasonable $30 for lifetime membership for first 30K Members only.Through our payment processing, we check that the professional is legitimate and can grow with us. See our Approval Process for more details.


Terms and Conditions
If you have time, we encourage you to read the full text of our terms and conditions.
When we authorize your account, it's your diary, and you can write whatever you want, but it has to be acceptable and informative. Your diary page should either represent your current life, your industry, or your leadership experiences.
We will soon give you the opportunity to comment on stories and other posts with heart and heartbreak icons. Posts with high heartbreak scores will be moved from public to members-only private status to allow us to keep the platform positive.


Terms and Conditions

  • You may write only one public page a day in your open diary.
  • We are not offering a private diary opportunity at the moment.
  • After you spend 2 or 3 minutes reading someone else’s diary (coming soon), our system will give you the chance to follow that person’s contributions and if you do, we will notify you when there are updates.
  • . We encourage you to read the diaries of others; they will be a great source of insights and understandings.


Privacy Policy
We live by the slogan "Your Data Your Right." As a seasoned professional, you know data is the world's most valuable asset these days.
If someone tries to access your diary as a visitor to our website or even as a logged-in member, you will receive a full report in your dashboard; we will never sell your data or use it for any purpose, other than Executives Diary.
We will use cookies where they're required to make your diary run smoothly.


Author: Muhammad Nauman

Founder, Executives Diary Inc.

Special Thanks to Joyce Gioia For editing and Proof Reading