From the Diary Of

Greg Hiebert

I am the 2nd of six born to a career army officer and we got to travel the world by living in places like Seoul, Korea, Stuttgart, Germany, Okinawa, Japan, and a dozen or so states to include Hawaii, California, Florida, Virginia, and North Carolina. This life certainly made a favorable impression on us as my older brother attended the Air Force Academy and became a pilot; I with my two other brothers and youngest sister attended West Point and my other sister attended the University of Florida on an Army Nursing ROTC scholarship. I feel very fortunate to have had a Catholic upbringing and coupled with my military experiences, I was given a great head start in life regarding being very goal driven, believing in a coherent set of virtues such as faith, family, integrity, responsibility, hard work, and discipline. My older brother regrettably died in a B-52 crash in 1983 but his impact on my life continues to this day. He embraced the fullness of life-was a poet, musician, athlete, scholar, leader and he would say most proudly, a lover as well. I have been married to Claudia for 39 years; have four children and three grandchildren and I am blessed to have extraordinary relationships with not only my family but many friends and colleagues as well.