From the Diary Of

David Lavenda

What I Do:
I help early stage technology companies 'do it right the first time' - get to market quickly and successfully by pragmatically applying Lean Startup principles - from strategy through full execution. I work with companies to define a minimum value product (MVP), solicit customer feedback, measure the results, and then develop a messaging platform and initial marketing content like presentations, data sheets, and ebooks.

Who I Work With:
I offer comprehensive results-driven solutions for B2B technology companies across a wide variety of markets, including cybersecurity, enterprise software, network design, data communications, IT, fintech, and collaboration/teamwork.

Why Me:
Proven experience - a veteran of 8 startups, which means:
• I learned what works and what doesn't
• I concentrate on results, bringing the 'right' product to market in the most efficient manner possible
• Hands-on approach - I help do the work, not just consult
• American-born, with extensive marketing experience in North America and Europe. I speak the language of your customers
• Rich scientific and technical background, so I understand the subject matter. This allows me to translate complex ideas to winning value propositions