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Craig Askins

 I graduated High School ½ year early so I could go to work full-time. After about 9 months I decided “working really wasn’t so great” so I enlisted in the USMC. I would have gone into the Army however my father talked me out of it. He had been in the Army (fought in the Korean War) but originally wanted to be a Marine; unfortunately he was too skinny to make the weight requirement. Less than 5 minutes after my arrival at Parris Island, South Carolina and meeting the loudest, meanest, and most physically fit Drill Instructors in the world I wanted to go home and explain to him how fortunate he really had been. I also started “reevaluating my original thinking about working in the civilian world”. My goal in the USMC eventually morphed into just wanting to become Corporal so I could quit walking guard duty. I achieved that rank in the last year of my enlistment.

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