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Cedric Johnson

My brand : Inspiring global leaders to empower others.

My blog:

My book. "What Inspirational Leaders Do" (Kindle 2007)

* Empowering executives to transition to new leadership roles.
* Crafting impactful brand and strategy statements for individuals and organizations
* Working with organizations and individuals on powerful development plans
* Providing relevant and practical coaching that deals with real world challenges and brings creative change

• Accomplished talent management leader with more than 20 years experience in global corporate and consulting organizations. Influential, articulate, and highly rated communicator

• Implements high-impact talent management assessments and leadership development in large organizations that produce measurable results

• Coaches global executive teams to define and realize their strategy

• Consults with executives in many functions, including: IT, HR, Engineering, Sales, and Marketing, as well as all of the C-Suite positions

• Doctorate in Clinical Psychology

What distinguishes me as a leadership coach and consultant is my extensive knowledge and experience as a clinical psychologist. I understand what drives human behavior and consistently use evidence-based behavior change strategies to reach leadership goals.

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