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Yomi Makanjuola

Despite my father’s subtle prodding, I knew at age 15 that I had no interest in becoming a medical doctor. Instead, I studied chemical engineering, and later received a doctorate degree in Materials Engineering and Design. Thereafter, I became a management consultant when I was hired by Andersen Consulting (Accenture), marking the beginning of my career as a business consultant.
That said, all I ever truly wanted to be was a writer although I was uncertain if writing could pay my bills. Got married, had kids and, yes, I did enjoy my consulting work experience. But, more than anything else, I absolutely love the creative writing process. Incidentally, I do not dream at all or, as a wife and two sisters who do tell me, maybe I just have no faculty for recollection. I have experimented with various formats – from 50,000-word novels to 18,000 to 2,500-word essays, and now 600-word blog posts. No doubt about it, writing is my true passion.

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