From the Diary Of

Stacey Moore

I like the process of building, creating and improving the way we function in our world. As uncomfortable as it may innately be to most, I enjoy being an agent of change.  We hear those words a lot – especially in the IT world.  It requires a certain mindset and skillset to truly embrace and facilitate the change that is so necessary and prevalent in our current fast-moving world. That’s what makes me excited about being a leader in IT, passionate about driving and executing innovative change in a way that benefits others to be better at whatever it is they do.

I was painfully shy as a kid, which is hard to believe as I’ve embraced a career that requires me to do a lot of talking – getting others to share their challenges and ideas, facilitating collaboration and compromise, and negotiating.

I’ve always been a good listener as I believe you hear far more about what people need and want when you REALLY, truly listen deeply.  It then more fully informs how I then communicate back in a manner that resonates with what people need to know and hear.

The payoff is seeing tangible results of projects my teams deliver manifest as improved experiences and performance of others.  I’m fulfilled when I leave a situation or problem, knowing I was able to help make it better or go away!