From the Diary Of

Ronald Retzke

I started my career as a consultant (6 years), landed a position in the long-term care industry (20 years), and then returned to consulting to that industry for 20+ years. The long-term care has undergone tremendous changes during the past 40 years and it was exciting to be a part of that action.  
My wife and I raised three children, two boys and a girl.  Our two sons were both in the Boy Scouts of America program so I spent a lot of weekends sleeping in a tent and sitting around a campfire. This was a great experience encouraging and assisting youth to achieve goal as they worked on merit badges and Eagle projects.
I like to read.  I learned a lot from reading about successful organizations and other peoples’ experiences and the organizations and businesses that they managed. The Baldrige Model presents a great framework for success. Of course, in addition to those books, I like mystery novels and historical nonfiction.
I like to travel. The experience of being somewhere, like on the top of a mountain in Colorado, or on the square in front of St Mark’s Basilica in Venice, cannot be compared to seeing a picture.