From the Diary Of

Michael McGarry

I had the 1st date with my wife, Trish, on Friday the 13th.  We got engaged 15 days later and married a year and a day from the day we met.  We have been married for 30+ years. When I was introduced to my wife, I told her that she “looked like my 1st wife.”  She asked how many times I had been married.  I answered, “none.” We have a daughter, Katherine.  She is a Pitt grad and lives in LA. On my 2nd interview with Southwestern Industries, the hiring manager said, “So this is how this is going to go tonight.  I have just a few questions for you and then the night is yours. Ask me anything and everything. When the night is over, if you don’t reach over the table and beat me up, we are going to make you an offer.”  I grabbed a napkin and started to make a note. When asked what I was writing down, I told him that I was making myself a note not to beat him up! We have been friends ever since.