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Kristen Kristen O'Connell

I'm full of fun facts and anecdotes! I was raised in New Hampshire, a small state in the North East region of the USA where the motto is "Live Free or Die,” and as someone that embraces challenges and is open to adventure, I’ve lived up to that motto in business and life! I'm the middle child of my family and was born on the first of the month, so I’ve always been competitive and an advocate of justice. I am also an Aquarius with O- blood type so I often say that it’s “in the stars and in my blood” to be unique and operate outside the norm. In the early 2000’s, I studied Marketing at Southern New Hampshire University, and had the chance to study abroad in London. I visited a Hard Rock Cafe in Barcelona and was struck by their mission, “Love All, Serve All,” and I set a goal of visiting all their cafes in my lifetime. I’ve been to 39, which isn’t bad, but there are 185 on total, so I have my work cut out for me!

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