From the Diary Of

Joseph Harwood

Joseph Harwood is a British, gender non conforming artist and beauty expert. He was a social media pioneer and became the first transgender person to brand and monetize beauty content in the UK, reaching viral success with gender tutorials and celebrity transformations by the age of 19. He participated in the live, digital version of Americas Got Talent, Simon Cowell’s the You Generation Competition with a gender transitional piece and was named the winner, becoming the first trans person to win a Syco contest.

With his artistic ventures for Google, the LGBT collaboration channel Perfect Androgyny and his groundbreaking beauty tutorials, he has amassed more than 100m Youtube views. Harwood’s focus today includes environmentalism, product development, and inclusivity, which has evolved into a modern lifestyle blog entitled Agitprop. Harwood has designed and launched many cosmetic lines and products as a trained cosmetic formulacist and creative director.


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