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Joseph Braithwaite

Conventional approaches to education and work provide conventional thinkers and produce conventional results. We have enough conventional thinkers already. I wanted to take a different path; to think about our problems in non-conventional ways, to find solutions to our non-conventional problems and to foster non-conventional value for my clients and customers. I am not a manager who likes to maintain convention; I am a leader who wants to build, evolve, grow my teams, my organizations, my clients and myself. I might not be a fit for your company, and that’s OK, but don’t brush me off just because I’m non-conventional, but non-conventional might just be the disrupter approach you need right now. If you need a turn-around or transformation leader who inspires and isn't afraid to roll up his sleeves, look no further.

I've made some mistakes, tried things that didn't work out, pushed the envelope, but that is what makes me different, unique and the perfect choice for those who need to shake up the status quo.

More than 20 years of experience have created opportunities for my clients and organizations to prosper. More than 20 years of experience have been used to shape and form leaders through guidance, mentorship coaching. More than 20 Years of delivering strategic, tangible value for clients and customers, allowing them to be successful, and more than 15 Years of orchestrating, leading, and delivering change initiatives with a focus on bridging the gap between business and technology, to achieve the right balance and strategic alignment.

A Doctorate-Candidate & MBA educated executive-minded delivery specialist with extensive experience in strategy development, deployment, and transformation. Proven achievements in the fields of finance, pharmaceuticals, and consulting services.

Exercising Entrepreneurial and business acumen, I am dynamic, inspired, and rooted in change agent with a passion for ensuring the successful fit between business and technology.

I have always demonstrated a team-building attitude, which involves daunting challenges and enthusiastically provides opportunities. 

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