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Jaewon Peter Chun

Jaewon Peter Chun is the President of World Smart Cities Forum (WSCF) which is a non-profit organization headquartered in London, UK, focusing on helping the public sector (central government and municipalities) how to solve the urban challenges such as urban regeneration, the gap between rich and poor, unemployment and environmental issues. WSCF also provides the governments with the strategy of establishing the mechanism of sustainable growth model for the city.

He is also the CEO of XnTREE which is a New York and London based tech accelerator that runs 'XnTREE Tech Sandbox' in the field of PropTech, GovTech, AI, FinTech, Digital Twin and Smart City for tech startups and SMEs. XnTREE is partnering with the multinational investors and large corporations so that it provide the members of XnTREE with the access to the scale-up investment. 

Lastly, he is Chief Executive Officer at ARK-i Labs which is a New York-based smart city design & investment company, plays a pivotal role in leading smart city projects by planning smart city master plans and raising fund from the private sector.

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