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Healthy Returns

A Modern Approach

As a mental health collective, we assist founders by providing coaching, guidance and support for positive mental health and wellbeing. Our goal is to amplify the conversation and promote a culture of openness about mental wellbeing, in order to preserve a founder’s talents as a creator and innovator, helping to optimise performance and deliver healthy returns.

Our Mission

To change the way we think and act about mental health, supporting founders to be more resilient, high performing leaders. We promote the importance of sharing mental health struggles, normalise the concept of seeking help when in distress and ultimately make mental health a mainstream part of the startup culture rather than the niche. 

Our Promise

We deliver optimistic and impactful experiences, plans and programs to founders who want to invest in maintaining sound mental wellbeing, knowing it helps effective decision making, enhances productivity and innovation, and also enables one to be adaptive to leadership and change. We promise to promote a culture of openness about mental wellbeing, centred on improving communication, support and responsible ways of working.

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