From the Diary Of

Greg A Greenawalt

After 30 + years in the hospitality industry with, Stouffer, Marriott, Renaissance, Hilton, Westin and IHG Crowne Plaza Hotels and Resorts I have developed expertise is in leadership , customer service and organizational culture .
 I have a wonderful wife of 32 years who has supported me in the ups and downs of my career progression. We have one daughter, Alexandra, who graduated from the College of Charleston with a degree in Public Health and is about to finish her Master’s Degree.

I am  the Author of Destination Charlotte the book a color photography book about why Charlotte North Carolina is a great place to work live and play. The book was published by Lorimer Press in 2009 and has sold over 8000 copies..

My career has allowed me to meet some very interesting people along the way  including 3 US  Presidents , Ronald Reagan, George Herbert  Bush Senior and George W Bush Junior ,the Rolling Stones ,Willard and Bill Marriott., actor  Robert Goulet and many professional athletes through my career.    

 One of my hobbies is studying American Revolutionary War History. I have ancestors who fought in the American Revolution and I am a member of the SAR - Sons of the American Revolution.  Greenawalt is a German name and my ancestors arrived in America in on Sept 17, 1740 on a ship called The Lydia at Philadelphia Harbor. At that time William Penn was granted charter by the queen of England to establish a British Colony in the new world and many Europeans came to America for religious freedom. My ancestors settled in Lancaster PA in a town named Millersburg and fought in American Revolution in 1777-78 in the Lancaster Count Militia. When the family farm was sold in 1831 my ancestor married into the Mennonite religion and moved to Ashland Ohio and finally settled  in Elkhart County Indiana where I am from. I was not raised in the Mennonite religion but if you go back to my 3rd Great Grandfather they were Elders in the Mennonite church.   

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