From the Diary Of

George Wu

When I was little, being attracted to the unknown, doing things outside of societal expectations has always lured me. For example, I would explore alleyways to dreaming about meeting aliens. After graduating from UC Berkeley as an Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences major, it is no surprise to find myself developing software for spacecraft for the Hubble replacement telescope, JWST, at Northrop Grumman, bringing us one step closer to exploring the unknown. Of course that also meant I have taken a path that I normally would not take.  In my early career years, I would prioritize language learnings over being promoted. Even when I transition my career now to product management in helping companies launch successful products, I would prioritize my long term career objective in being an international citizen over anything else.  As a product manager, however, that has served me well, as I am now able to understand perspectives from different people as well as helped creating the podcast called Navigating the Rise.