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Gautam Naik

I have around 24 years of experience in Information Technology spanning from Y2K era till SMAC/AI/Block chain days with 22 years out of that as an Entrepreneur. I was born in Pune India and educated in Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur as an Instrumentation Engineer. Currently I am living in CT USA with my wife and 18 years old daughter. I would call myself an adventurer with enormous risk taking abilities and a good leader of people. At the age of 5, I won a daring challenge competition to jump 20 meters into a deep well. At the age of 15, I led a Himalayan Trekking group of 20 adults. I held various posts in Students activities at college and various professional and community bodies. I like to learn new things and am interested in a lot of information as an avid quizzer, thinker and a writer. As a fan of Ayn Rand’s Objectivism and a family first person, I like to enjoy every moment of life and try to fill it interests in travelling, drama, cricket, music and comedy if I am not enjoying my work in Information Technology. At the end of the day I would like to be remembered as a good, trustworthy human being having resorted to fair play all the time in my lifetime even in most trying circumstances.

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