From the Diary Of

Doug Reifschneider

Sure. I’m a 25+ year veteran of the food service industry. I’ve been doing marketing for brands such as Taco John’s, Hardee’s, Wendy’s, Pizza Hut, Fazoli’s, Firehouse Subs and Pita Pit USA. I love data and am a data driven marketing person but I also analyze things in my personal life. So it’s probably more accurate to say I am a data-driven person.

For example, I love to ride bicycles. Cycling has been a passion and big part of my life since 2006. With more than an average income I’ve been fortunate to be able to buy expensive bikes and toys that go with the bikes. One of those toys is a power meter. Power meters have been around for a while and all pro cyclists use power to train. Amateurs like myself also use power meters train and measure their rides.

You see, with a power meter, you measure the power output you produce on each pedal stroke. It’s a lot more accurate that using heart rate to measure performance because your heart reacts to the work or power you produce on a bike vs. actually measuring the work/power your legs churn out when you’re training or racing.

I don’t even race but I love to look at the numbers and use them to improve my cycling ability.