From the Diary Of

Bill Colacurcio

I’m the youngest of three children (two older sisters) living on the east coast. My parents work very hard to care for our family. My dad was an engineer by degree but had the gift to sell. In his early years he worked on a commission only basis and based on his success was ultimately offered 49% share in the engineering service company he worked for. He later purchased the remaining 51% to become the sole owner. With limited interest in engineering, I later took a position within the company and ultimately was on the cutting edge at the advent of CAD (Computer Aided Design) Systems. Before I knew it I was designing multi-layer printed circuit boards for the military, aerospace and medical device industries.

As a pre-teen my parents allowed me to attend summer sleep away camp in Honesdale, PA (Camp Towanda). These were some of the best years of my life meeting new people from all around the country and across the world, participating in various sports activities and building friendships that still exist today.

As I moved into high school, athletics was always my thing, especially baseball. Going to a private school enabled me to be challenged and compete against many of the best athletes in New Jersey which then led me to head west for college at Arizona State University where I majored in Marketing and Business Management.

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