From the Diary Of

Bernard Roy

I feel I am a good example of American Dream. I was born in a large family with a meager living standard. I was taught that by working hard and getting a good education, you can do whatever you dream. I strongly believe what goes around comes around. Being ethical in all I did was very important to me even if it meant getting less for what I did.
At a very young age, I was taught that girls could do anything a boy could do and boys could do what girls did. I learned to sew, do the dishes and use a typewriter. Being the sole guy in a class with all girls for typing was not a bad thing.
I love being outdoors and spent lots of time going fishing, hiking and just playing in the woods, in a boat on a river camping with just blankets for tent and sleeping a long way from other people. We learned to have fun using creativity and taking chances.

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