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Andy LeSavage

I am a data-driven and highly motivated professional with 8 years of experience in developing and building end-to-end e-commerce solutions, which provide opportunities to test, optimize and service both B2B and B2C facets of business. I have a strong analytics background with real life marketing and e-commerce strategy expertise to provide user friendly customer acquisition and retention through a multi-layered communications approach.

I’m best at identifying areas of strengths and weakness for optimization opportunities which lead to bottom-line results. As a self-motivated professional I am adept at working effectively with limited supervision by applying creativity and organizational skills. Helping startups and small businesses refine and define their positioning, content strategy, and user experience, while coming up with innovative strategies for sales and growth. I can manage the global demand generation efforts through the use of: content marketing, social media, list building, paid advertising and email campaigns.

Skills: Creative problem solver, Wordpress website development, social media, UX and e-commerce optimization, PR, partnerships, strategy, SEO, SEM, content, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, team leadership, identifying trends, creative campaign development, process management.

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