Eden D Cohen

Principal Program Manager


Industry: Technology
Location: Redmond, Washington, United States

About Eden D Cohen

Technology is moving at breakneck speeds, with innovations of electronic devices catering for all sorts of niche areas. The revolution in technology is mainly due to the development of tech-savvy kids who tirelessly spent their childhood deconstructing devices to ascertain their inner workings. Those with a lust for every new conceivable gadget, who pounded at the keyboard to code programs and bore the frustration of claiming to be able to fix anything, can relate to this childhood. Today, these individuals are the lifeblood of and hold leading roles within every great technology company; these companies have built their foundations on these inquiring and innovative minds, which leads to the production of fantastic products that consumers covet.

Eden D. Cohen is one of these innovators, who currently works for Qualcomm in the field of embedded security solutions. Eden has a strong background in information technology research, acquiring a formal technical education from the prestigious Hebrew and Tel Aviv Universities. He has previously worked as an educator at the Hebrew University while simultaneously working as a software product lead at Intel.

We are delighted to welcome Eden to Executives Diary, and we are thrilled to hear his insight into technology trends, his career, and himself by participating in this interview