From the Diary of  Bernard Roy

I always kept an executive diary and I can still go back years and tell you what I was facing or doing in any month of that year.
I kept that not because I wanted to write memoirs, that is not me. But I wrote inputs in a calendar each day or week. I would only write things I “accomplished”. I would not write what I “worked on”. It was my way of monitoring if I was making progress and what I achieved that day, week or month. It is interesting when you look at an entry for a day/week and see if you really accomplished something, how much or how little.

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From the Diary of  Barbara Rubel

Executives Diary offers a valuable opportunity for professionals to learn about each other. We have much to learn from one another. A diary is a place to write, or in this case, a place to type one's thoughts and values. As we are given an opportunity to share our life's passion, we offer insight and hope to those struggling to get to the next level of their career.

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