Successful brands constantly strive for a unique identity that stands out in a crowded field.


In reality, the constraints of start-up companies’ limited resources can prompt them to explore early-stage strategic partnerships to boost organic growth.


To forge win-win relationships with prospective collaborators, Executives Diary Inc. envisions cross-marketing opportunities with target entities that are aligned with our mission statement, share our core values, and whose clients and associates are considered thought leaders in their fields.

What’s In It For You?

Executives Diary proposes an incentive-based arrangement, or a revenue-sharing scheme, that is directed at two categories of prospects:


Individual Contributors

We invite well-connected individuals who are able to convert members of their high-level networks to Executives Diary subscribers to complete this form or contact us at


Media Agencies

Reputable media agencies like Public Relations firms willing to co-brand or form a strategic alliance with Executives Diary should reach out to explore how we can leverage their client base on a mutually beneficial basis. Please contact us at



We are looking for potential angel investor and captial venture firms who can help us in scalling up at large scale.