From the Diary Of

Steve Blakeman

Marketing and advertising are subtly intrinsic to our everyday lives; most people start their day by checking their social media accounts or reading the latest news on their digital devices, which inadvertently leads them to see a slew of ads in the process. The age of digital media marketing is upon us, and we have with us today an expert from the world of media and marketing, Mr. Steve Blakeman, who gives his insights on the industry in this interview.

Mr. Blakeman is the Managing Director of Global Accounts for OMD Europe, working in London and Paris and leading the global Renault Group account. He's held this position for over three years, and four years prior to that he was the CEO of OMD Asia-Pacific (APAC). During his time as CEO, OMD doubled their billings and won over 1000 industry awards.

Being a successful businessman and also an accomplished writer, Mr. Blakeman has over 300,000 LinkedIn followers and stood as LinkedIn's top voice for three consecutive years. Not only has his writing succeeded in the online sphere, but he's also the author of two books. One published book is entitled: ‘How to be a Top 10 Writer on LinkedIn', which was Mr. Blakeman's first book and has been a number one best seller on Amazon. We also anticipate, with great enthusiasm, the publishing of his second book later this year: ‘Billy Bullsh!t Talks Business', which, as you can allude from the amusing title, is set to be a hilarious business comedy.