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Yasmina Azhari

I am originally a Syrian businesswoman, holding a Serbian nationality from my mother who was from Belgrade. I have a busy life, a long CV. I used to live and conduct business in Syria, and in 2012 I moved together with my children to Dubai where I started a new totally different business.
Will share with you a “fact” about myself which can be considered as an anecdote:
Being extremely busy, and thinking about dozens of issues at same moment, and fulfilling different tasks, I often have to hide some precious stuff in a hurry (I.E before traveling, or before the cleaner comes) and being busy by thinking of so many issues: I do not pay attention where I hide these precious stuff!!!!!! It happened with me several times which made me decide to take picture of the place I hided in the stuff and share it with my children in order to remind me where I put them.
The 1st time I hided money in an empty box of antibiotics inside our pharmacy and we went on vacation. When I came back, I could not remember where the place was, until a day came after 2 years when I decided to clean the pharmacy and found a box full of money!!!!


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