From the Diary Of

Dr. Waleed Haddad

Over 30 years of diverse experience in science and technology with a strong, and unusually broad background having worked in several related fields, starting with basic research, and moving into more applied technology development over time.

Primary technical expertise in imaging systems (of many types, and including specialized hardware and algorithm development), microscopy, image reconstruction, image and signal processing, optics, lasers, microwave devices, ultrasonics, medical device development, and most recently, biometrics and security-related technologies.

Hands-on scientist and developer of technology with extensive experience in the laboratory. Always a primary technical contributor, even when operating in a leadership role with management responsibilities.

Experience with product development, and design for manufacturing, and the commercialization of technology with a good understanding of intellectual property matters, and the business of technology.

Specialties: Primary Areas Of Technical Expertise
• Imaging systems • Image reconstruction • Image processing • Signal processing • Numerical modeling • Tomography • Holography • X-ray imaging • Biomedical devices • 2-D and 3-D imaging • Computer simulations • Optics • Lasers • Ultrasound imaging • Optical microscopy • X-ray microscopy • Biometrics

Other Areas Of Experience
• Physical phantoms • Laser applications • Microwave devices • Computer programming • Radar imaging • Intellectual property