From the Diary Of

Eden D Cohen

I believe most people start their lives with a very open mind about which fields they want to be part of, and in what capacity. As we age and become wiser, we tend to focus and narrow on what we want our career to look like. In my case, things didn't work out this way. When I was six or so, I began to acquire some understanding of what electronics were, what circuits are, etc. Soon after I pledged to become an electrical engineer when I grew up. I could not imagine anything else, until a couple of years later I discovered the world of programming and shifted my ambition to becoming a software engineer. Either way, it was clear to me that I would go into tech, which was largely how I maneuvered my childhood years in school. It was only much later, in the senior year of my science degree, that I began taking a serious interest in fields outside of tech and professions outside of engineering. But the passion for tech remains very strong.

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