From the Diary Of

Eden D Cohen

I believe in leading organizations towards long te ...rm growth, relentless value creation, and enduring customer loyalty. ♦ Acting on any challenge with a determined can-do attitude regardless of prejudice, odds or obstacles ♦ Extensive international business and deal-making experience spanning customers, partners, suppliers and governments across four continents ♦ Delighting customers and stakeholders by adroitly resolving their needs and exceeding expectations ♦ Making strategic decisions and analyses based on profound knowledge of economics, human behavior, and business management ♦ Remarkable verbal and written communication skills ranging from interpersonal to presentations and speeches ♦ Transforming charged situations of disagreement into healthy consensus and concrete action plans ♦ Results-oriented management of people, operations and plans ♦ Zealous desire to listen, discover, learn, experiment, and improve. Anyone, anytime, anywhere.