From the Diary Of

Nicholas Polit

An experienced business leader in operational business development and sales, I deliver results and drive growth for major brands and multinational companies. I optimize profitability and valuations combining innovative strategic vision with day-to-day tactical engagement.

Successful history in building client networks in the healthcare, education, mining, automotive, aerospace, oil & gas, retail, construction and government sectors in the US and internationally.

Fluent in ENGLISH and SPANISH.


➤ Design and implementation of far-reaching, sustainable strategies with a blueprint of processes and procedures within a matrix driven organization;

➤ P&L management of multi-location, multi-tiered distribution networks;

➤ Developing effective financial, sales, and marketing programs to grow operations to profitability;

➤ Innovative product introductions;

➤ Global procurement and supply chain manufacturing.

Global Operations ✪ International Management ✪ Business Strategy Implementation ✪ International Business Development ✪ Multicultural and Emerging Economies ✪ Innovation ✪ Market Branding ✪ Organizational Transformation ✪ Service Management ✪ Customer Relationship Management ✪ Government Negotiations ✪ International Sourcing ✪ Rigorous Bid Processes ✪ Distribution Networks ✪Asset Management

Please contact me at or at 202 830 1392