Brand Marketing May 2, 2019

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Lisa (Lynn) Bowman

Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer United Way Worldwide, Lisa started working in the digital marketing space in the late ‘90s with a b2b exchange concept, which was later acquired by Amazon.

About Lisa (Lynn) Bowman

It’s shocking to think that 736 million people struggle to meet their basic needs; an estimated 46 million people fall victim to human trafficking in an average year and 51 million kids go hungry every day. Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s), such as United Way, work tirelessly to address those deficiencies and redress the balance.

Sponsoring United Way are blue-chip corporate partners such as Wells Fargo, Kellogg and UPS. Engaging with corporations significantly impacts the financial strength of NGOs to deliver change. Marketing executives are paramount to forging these philanthropic relationships by creating narratives and strategies to drive positive social transformation.

It can be gratifying to know that your activities are working towards making a difference and one can find solace in doing the right thing. Lisa Bowman plays a vital role at United Way as a C-Level executive bravely taking intelligent risks and forging relationships in the pursuit of changing the status quo.

Lisa started working in the digital marketing space in the late ‘90s with a b2b exchange concept, which was later acquired by Amazon. That business centered around the fashion industry, seeking to disrupt the secondary market. Shen them worked for digital marketing startup USWeb/CKS before joining UPS in 2000 as the Vice President of Market Development for UPS’s incubator, eVentures. She held a variety of senior-level marketing roles at the transportation company including the brand conversation of Mail Boxes, Etc. to The UPS Store, before taking a role as the Director of Corporate Relations for The UPS Foundation. Her last appointment before joining United Way was focused on social sustainability and creating the foundation of UPS’s inaugural human rights strategy.

Lisa is an impeccably dressed “Communitarian”, and proclaims that when she’s not sporting 5″ heels, she keeps herself fighting fit at the gym as she is a certified Turbo Kick instructor. Lisa is a sure inspiration to our readers and Executives Diaries is pleased to interview her:

interview by

Muhammad Nauman

Muhammad Nauman

Muhammad Nauman is the Founder and CEO of Executives Diary Incorporation. Muhammad is Aiming to land in all countries before taking off from the world. Muhammad is Reputation management and business consulting specialist, he has succeeded in the digital marketing sphere for more than a decade. Over the last 10 or so years, Muhammad Nauman has helped thousands of clients move the needle in their organizations and accomplish their commercial goals.

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