Banking Industry July 31, 2019

From the Diary Of

Lev Makarevich

Consultant, expert at Guidepoint Global

About Lev Makarevich


It is truly a privilege when a successful member of the banking and finance world is accessible, expressive, and gracious. A quintessential “numbers guy,” Lev Makarevich is a banking, financial and economic consultant.

Early Life

Mr. Makarevich recalls a vivid childhood and an upbringing that seamlessly connects to his family’s WWII roots, as apart of Russia’s baby boomer generation. His father was a pilot navigator, and his mother was a radio communicator in the flight regiment of his father. He recalls the countless stories of the war shared by his parents. He was born in a village near Moscow-where his paternal family was based. Lev remembers precious memories in a small house, near a forest, rivers, and a large lake. The classic nature scene was complemented by a large extended family and frequent family gatherings.

Education & Career

Lev attended the Moscow State Institute of International Relations-where he obtained a Ph.D. in Economics in 1970. Thereafter, he developed articles, presented lectures, and attended seminars on the introduction of market reform, organization of exchanges, improvement of commercial banks and international investments. During the period of upheaval and reformation across late 20th century Russia, Mr. Makarevich found suitable placement as a manager and consultant in the work of promoting Russian companies and institutions to foreign markets and liaising between international companies and his homeland. He truly enjoyed serving as such a broker and facilitator. Additionally, he is the published author of several texts including “Russian Banks: Between Efficiency and Stability,” “Crisis of the Post-Soviet Banking System,” “Foreign Investors in the Emerging Russian Market,” “Globalization and Russia,” and “Restructuring the Credit Organizations in Russia.”

Lifestyle, Inspiration & Advice

True to his upbringing, Lav continues to enjoy time with both family and nature. Other interests that allow him to decompress are sports, music, arts, and traveling. He complements such activities efficiently with his consulting and lecturing work. This is attributed to a network of family and friends that “support [him] in every possible way.”

He is inspired by challenged by other executives who fight for progressive practice and “change the epochs in their professional fields.” Beyond immediate colleagues, he credits many individuals for contributing to his success over the development of his career. His parents and extended family have served an invaluable degree of support throughout all of his endeavors. Further, Lav credits exceptional teachers that assisted him on his remarkable educational journey that culminated in his doctorate.

His advice to up and coming entrepreneurs is to focus on the service to others versus self-gratification. He believes that the latter poisons the virtues of success, while service to others affords a unique, more fulfilling gratification. Also, Lav suggests a courteous approach to relationship building. He believes in non-judgment as people are stratified and reveal themselves gradually. With such an approach, no one is beyond the errs of human estimation and qualities such as honesty, openness, decency, and altruism may emerge unencumbered.

Closing Remarks

One may see Mr. Makarevich’s resume and take him for a rigid “quant,” but he is a warm and open personality. This air can be ascribed to his mantra of “think globally, act locally.” Many professionals get so consumed in their heads and personal goals that they forget to be a humanitarian to those in their immediate reach. His social optimism transfers philosophically as he believes that the best in human evolution is yet to come-albeit, through the discomfort of dying systems, structures, institutions, and people. We appreciate this nexus of idealism and realism found in the brilliant executive, Lav Makarevich.

interview by

Muhammad Nauman

Muhammad Nauman is the Founder and CEO of Executives Diary Incorporation. Muhammad is Aiming to land in all countries before taking off from the world. Muhammad is Reputation management and business consulting specialist, he has succeeded in the digital marketing sphere for more than a decade. Over the last 10 or so years, Muhammad Nauman has helped thousands of clients move the needle in their organizations and accomplish their commercial goals.

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