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Leo Bottary

I’m a dad, recently married, and founder and managing partner of Peernovation, LLC.  I enjoy travel, music, golf, reading, running, cycling, writing and public speaking – anything that keeps the mind and the body as active as possible. I’ve spent a great deal of my career as a communication professional. Later on in life, I earned a Master’s in Strategic Communication & Leadership from Seton Hall University and completed my doctoral coursework at Northeastern University (Organizational Leadership). I served as an adjunct professor for Seton Hall for 7 years, where I received adjunct teacher of the year honors from its College of Communication and the Arts (2015) and most recently have been teaching for Rutgers. Since 2006, since starting graduate school and later working for Vistage Worldwide, I’ve been fascinated by the power of peer groups both in the business and education spaces. I coauthored The Power of Peers with Leon Shapiro (2016) and authored What Anyone Can Do (2018). 

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