Agriculture July 31, 2019

From the Diary Of

Jordan Miles

CEO at Agnetix

About Jordan Miles

Industrial Automation, a Progressive World & an Exemplary Career

In the modern world, we have grown to love the witty, edgy tech entrepreneur. Add uncompromising honesty to that mix, and you have the perfect ingredients for a stellar Executive’s Diary profile. Jordan Miles is our choice to fulfill this niche as a CEO who has led and paved his way, regardless of his life’s phase. With services that comprise agriculture, horticulture, and lighting, he brings a breadth of expertise and guidance that can appeal to a wide range of burgeoning leaders. His more specific focus is industrial automation-a growing field that many are aware will only explode in the coming decades. The development of control systems for changing factory processes, evolving machinery, and targeted consumer products is a sphere that requires a keen sense of innovation. It is also the space of great virtue as-in opposed to many misconceptions-the fresh industries and jobs enabled by such a shifting tech sector far outweigh the economic drawbacks of worker displacement created by automation. This outlook is per the recent 2019 World Development Report produced by the World Bank. Mr. Miles can speak to this hope for the future as well as the greater evolution of the industry due to his various capacities of leadership in supply-chain, tracking systems, sales, and other operations across the industrial arena. He began his career in a leadership role as Vice President of Sales with Barcode Systems, Inc. Next, he assumed greater responsibility as a Regional Vice President for Peak-Ryzex-a respected B2B provider of supply chain technology solutions that assist its customers in transitioning to digital and mobile spaces. He, then, took on a related profile as President of Infinit Data Solutions before returning to sales as an Enterprise Sales Director with Honeywell Safety & Productivity Solutions. Finally, he transitioned to a super cool horticulture lighting provider, where he currently serves as CEO. This company is just as environmental as it is efficient with lighting systems that facilitate Greenhouse gas reductions, indoor lighting solutions that drastically reduce energy consumption, and an overall service that makes sustainable agriculture easier.


Early Life

Jordan was born in Canada, though currently holds dual citizenship with the United States. He completed his educational tenure in French immersion school, from preschool through college. Though excelling in academics and law school bound, he dropped out of college during his second year. Jordan maintains the integrity of his decision, yet acknowledges that he had to acquire the foregone knowledge and skills through self-education. He, also credits business leadership mentors with contributing to his unique self-education early in his career. This component is critical in the demanding tech industry where one’s reputation and personal brand is paramount throughout the entirety of career progression.


Lifestyle & Advice

Mr. Miles has some essential jewels of wisdom to confer to aspirant techies looking to pave their own paths. In a more open and osmotic society, he deems it imperative to lead as a “quarterback and not a boss.” We all know the implications of the classic trope of the demanding and feared overseer versus the exemplary and revered leader. He additionally implores entrepreneurs to seek to achieve the unachievable-as an immediate witness to the rapid growth of tech in the last decade. Further, he believes that such positive attributes can be seen upon meeting someone if they impress him as more as a listener than a talker. Mr. Miles applies this mentality of discipline to his lifestyle with rigid parameters between his personal and professional life. Though highly tech proficient, of course, he believes that it is vital to put the phone down in order to delineate between to two separate areas of his life. Hence, his many rewarding modes of relaxation, such as activities alongside his partner that express their shared enthusiasm for cars and motorcycles. 


Closing Remarks

Jordan is a true innovator with a direct approach that has disrupted the progression of the industrial space. He is inspired by the challenges that come alongside being the first to the markets with fresh approaches. This take is not for the faint of heart. However, this leader has a unique philosophy for managing the unpaved path. He wraps up his overarching philosophy in a quote from Homer’s Odyssey: “The journey is the thing.” He sees the larger picture of the triumphs and trials of his course-in both his professional and personal life, as he proclaims that firsthand experience confers lessons and a sense of gratification that is not intrinsic to a curriculum or text. We thank Mr. Miles for his time and his inspiring continuing journey.


interview by

Muhammad Nauman

Muhammad Nauman is the Founder and CEO of Executives Diary Incorporation. Muhammad is Aiming to land in all countries before taking off from the world. Muhammad is Reputation management and business consulting specialist, he has succeeded in the digital marketing sphere for more than a decade. Over the last 10 or so years, Muhammad Nauman has helped thousands of clients move the needle in their organizations and accomplish their commercial goals.

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