From the Diary Of

Jason Lee

Early Life

Sometimes the smallest areas produce the greatest personalities. That is surely the case with financial wiz, Jason Lee. Hailing from the modest industrial town of Deer Park, TX, he learned the value of hard work and versatility at a young age. His mother-a single parent-balanced a demanding home life to climb the rungs of the regions bureaucracy as she progressed from a paralegal to the City Secretary of Pasadena, TX. 


Initial Career Focus

With a fierce creative drive and social acumen, young Jason channeled his mother’s ambition with his entrepreneurial prospects. These led him to work a string of odd jobs throughout his youth including grocery and restaurant roles. During these experiences, he developed a love for hospitality and customer service. After completing high school, he sought a more intimate connection with people, which he discovered as a personal trainer and health club manager. This additional expanded his range as his duties spanned to Denver and Kansas. He was managing multiple fitness locations by age 25 and went on to spend sixteen years in the industry. 


From Health to Wealth

In a career leap, he transitioned to the financial services realm. However, he is not the crass individual typical to the finance world. His focus is the development of long-term relationships and a nuanced attentiveness to each client’s personal goals. Though he views financial advisement as a numbers game, he values patience above all other aspects. Jason believes that a genuine interest in adding value in each client interaction builds invaluable trust and a firm reputation as a seasoned professional.


Mentors and Inspirations

Finance may be a game about the hard figures, but it is essential to maintain currents of various inspiration. Mr. Lee has done just that; he cites several mentors, texts and personal philosophies that have sustained his motivation in his profession. Though many have helped him throughout his progression, his main mentor is his first district manager, Harry Reo. Harry saw great potential in young Jason and helped guide him away from poor decisions and peer influences. This elder was a valuable asset whose investment extended beyond the workplace and into personal life. Jason believes that every young professional needs a genuine figure who plays such a role. The greatest advice Harry conferred was the necessary boundary between one’s professional identity and personal identity. He affirmed that work is not a reflection of one’s manhood but an authentic vessel of service to fellow man. An avid reader, Jason references several key books that have given him additional inspiration. Primarily, he values the Bible for its strong impact and relatable parable. Further, his favorites include “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie, “The Greatest Salesman in the World” by Og Mandino, and “The 5 Love Languages” by Gary Chapman.


Current Career Prospects

His wisdom is an asset as he seeks to lead his very own team of advisors in the next 5 years. He is also considering continuing education. This is particularly valuable to Mr. Lee because he did not seek education earlier in his life. Finance is a constantly shifting field-especially in the current wake of blockchain and other fintech (financial technology) developments. Leaders in the industry are known to pursue CPA, MBA, FINRA specialization, CLU (Chartered Life Underwriter), ChFC (Chartered Financial Consultant), EA (Enrolled Agent), LUTCF (Life Underwriter Training Council Fellow),  RHU (Registered Health Underwriter) and other advanced qualifications. 


Closing Remarks

Jason has a bright perspective on the future-with a belief that the world’s evolution lay in synchronizing energetic leaders and innovative platforms. He believes this invigorates the inspiration and relatability that will produce fresh ideas and continue to inspire best practices. We wish Jason Lee the very best and are grateful for the wisdom that he has shared with us from his dynamic career as an eclectic professional.