From the Diary Of

Janelle McLaughlin

Academic achievement has traditionally based itself on a narrow set of metrics, such as how well you can write, or how well you can calculate equations, or what you know. There is no doubt that these skills are still fundamental. However, with the emergence of artificial intelligence and our reliance on the internet, the number of jobs requiring those traditional skills is reducing. It is clear that we need educators that understand how to nurture our creative abilities if we are going to succeed — educating strategists such as Janelle McLaughlin, who devote their time to cultivating minds, creating talent, seeing the qualities in individuals and helping them to achieve their goals.

Janelle has had a solid career progression. After achieving a bachelors in science in 1998, she taught elementary students until 2011. Leveraging on the skills attained, she became the K-12 Curriculum Director for Manchester Community Schools in Indiana in 2011 and simultaneously lectured as an Adjunct Professor at Manchester University (Indiana) on High Ability Education practices in 2012. In 2014 she tailored individualized learning plans to teach English Language Learners. In 2015 she took the bold step to start her Consulting Company — Innovative Education Solutions, a service provider that helps to structure the leadership development, student-driven instructional practices and workflow solutions within the educational and commercial sectors.

Thank you, Janelle, for agreeing to participate in our interview of executive diaries, our readers will all be intrigued to learn more about you and your ideas.