From the Diary Of

James Clark

Passionate about Digital, Mobile and Social tech, ...Cloud-based SaaS platforms, and elite, remote organizations, I bring 20+ years of success leading, building, and re-imagining organizations from a multi-national behemoth, to a distributed business in 25+ local marketplaces, and a lean 6 year-old start-up, utilizing and growing the same core set of skills and passions. Primarily focused where Tech, Media & Advertising converge, my experience spans organizations and industries. From building online audiences, to reinventing traditional revenue models, to re-imagining workflow, order management, CRM, ERP, & P&L management, to the recruitment, retention & leadership of distributed, world-class organizations, I have been able to successfully apply my skills across a broad spectrum of challenges. Raised in the “Silicon Valley” by self-described “geeks” from IBM’s R&D lab, I’ve had transformative technology in my blood since childhood. I wrote my first software at eleven years old; ten weeks, seven 5-1/4 floppy disks and a pre-release IBM “PCjr” later, it worked and I was hooked. As a jr developer at AOL in 1997, I learned from elite engineers scaling systems at unheard-of levels. By 2004, work on AOL’s “Welcome Screen/Homepage” afforded me a leadership opportunity in the transformation from dial-up subscription business to content and advertising-driven “portal”. This led me to become VP & GM of AOL’s Homepage business (, a $250MM P&L supported by a team of 200+ in locations around the world. Next, I was recruited by former AOL COO Bob Pittman to lead a traditional broadcasting company in leveraging local assets to build digital, social, and mobile audiences and revenue streams. This experience led me to co-found and bootstrap a startup providing “Private Label” tech and services to traditional media companies and agencies challenged by the rapidly evolving world of Digital advertising and marketing.