From the Diary Of

Iara Rodriguez Esq

I am a Puerto Rican Attorney who has worked as a social sciences and criminal Justice Professor, with recent immigration law experience, but I am much more than  just that.


About my career, I am an ex public defender and family law attorney with hundreds (if not more than a 1,500) litigated cases under my belt.  I have a Master’s degree in Public Administration of criminal justice and as I pointed out, I have  worked as a criminal justice and social sciences Professor. 


As a Professor I have taught  both “on line” and in campus settings, serving mostly minority adults and youngsters in college in dual language and bilingual settings. I try to always do community service work and have done cyber and natural disaster preparedness seminars through the Department of Children and Families and the City of Orlando, to name a few. 


I am committed to the RCMA cause which is the non for-Profit Organization I now work for as an immigration attorney, because they are helping kids and families of immigrant farmworkers in more ways than one. I am just a piece of the puzzle in the organization, helping families served by the organization with their immigration law needs. 


I have three kids, two adults living back in PR with all of my family, and a 9-year-old: Joaquin Sebastian AKA “My sidekick”, and a rescue dog named Stuart. 

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