From the Diary Of

Devin Thorpe

We live our lives working towards our goals. Many desire money and purport money as an analog to happiness. However, if we're truthful with ourselves cash is only an enabling tool, and the route to wellbeing lies with existential factors; simply put, doing good and being champion of social good makes one happy. Ethics is becoming more relevant today, now more than ever; people are moving their investment portfolios away from funds that support war and destruction and are looking to invest in righteous endeavors.

Devin Thorpe has the right idea, he focuses on doing good as his life's goal and aims to help others invest ethically; to reap both a financial reward and a wealth of happiness that money can't buy. By sharing insights and inspiration, he enables others to excel at doing the right thing.

Devin is an author, educator and keynote speaker; focusing on those doing good in the world. As a Forbes Contributor, he covers social entrepreneurship and the impact of investing. Devin attained an MBA from Cornell after completing a finance degree at the University of Utah and has been the president of the National Speakers Association Mountainwest Chapter.

He has previously worked at the U.S. Senate Banking committee staff gave him a solid foundation in finance. He's the author several books on personal finance and crowdfunding, which draw on his entrepreneurial finance experience as an investment banker, CFO, treasurer, and mortgage broker. Devin strives to help people use financial resources to do good and aims to mold the developing blockchain and cryptocurrencies into enabling technologies, that will change the world for the better