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Deborah Karcher

Talking about myself is always a little difficult. I have many interests but the ones that come to mind are traveling, cooking, enjoying family and friends. I currently have a travel goal to visit the seven places in the world where penguins live. My favorite thing to cook are breads. Any kind will do. To take a few ingredients like bread, flour and yeast and to get the final loaf is just intriguing to me. Family and friends come first in my life and travel and cooking brings me together with them.

I recently left Miami Dade County Public Schools as the Chief Information Officer (CIO), the fourth-largest school district, where I managed information technology operations, while leading the technology strategic vision, and long-range planning. As a K12 Education Technology Advisor for Executive Management, I am an accomplished and creative executive possessing diverse experience and a proven ability to implement enterprise systems that revitalize operations, able to capture current and future trends that directs information technology strategy and maintain the integrity of its information systems and network infrastructures. I love the education space and is an area where I could give easily give back to the community. In short, I have a passion for learning and the technology industry has certainly provided ample opportunity to remain a lifetime learner.

If I had to describe my best qualities, they are that I can see the big picture but understand the details needed to achieve the result.

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