From the Diary Of

Deborah Karcher

Over time, the education system has evolved tremendously. Today, we are living in the most advanced age the world has ever known. Almost every aspect of life has progressed, and that certainly includes the education system. Experiments are being carried out in Virtual Reality classrooms utilizing VR Technology. Massive online training libraries like Kahn Academy and enable us to learn anything at any time, wherever you are.

We are privileged to have a seasoned educationalist with us today, Ms. Deborah Karcher. Deborah has been working in the educational domain for over a decade. For 16 years, she served as Chief Information Officer at Miami-Dade County Public Schools, the 4th largest school in the United States and the 1st largest in Florida. During her tenure, Deborah accomplished great things, and we are proud to welcome her here at Executives Diary. Let’s talk to Deborah now to get some insights into her career and experiences.