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Many people have been affected by fraud, and those who have can vouch for how devastating and violating these attacks feel. The online banking industry has snowballed over the past years, and in line with this trend, so have the instances of online fraud.  This seemingly faceless menace of financial cybercrime can happen in many different ways. The world needs heroes to analyze these instances of fraud and build a case against these internet criminals and fraudsters — heroes such as Cristiane Soares, who work tirelessly to draft policy and procedural recommendations and collaborate with law enforcement and regulatory agencies.

Cristiane is a highly qualified individual with a positive outlook and a steely determination to succeed. It takes some guts to move to another country to find employment, a commitment that is not for the faint-hearted and one that Cristiane has been through twice. Cristiane first piled her trade at the ABN AMRO Bank, practicing Corporate Commercial Law, and then emigrated from the comfort of Sao Paulo, Brazil to become a successful Senior Investigator in Toronto, Canada for the TD Bank Group. Completing her Master's Degree in Criminology from the prestigious Boston University has led her to seek her fortune in the USA, where she awaits her next challenge.

We are delighted to welcome Cristiane to Executives Diary, and we are thrilled that she might give some insight into her exciting career as a fraud investigator by participating in this interview.