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Craig Askins

Meet Craig Askins,

Born and raised in the state of Maryland in the US, Craig was a only child who reflects fondly about his early years, and how different things were back then compared to now. He elaborates further on his upbringing and favorite pastimes.
Today, he is a senior business executive with extensive domestic and international experience in the management of public and private companies. He  has worked for Cole Kepro International LLC, Neill-LaVielle Supply Co. and, most recently, JVL Labs Inc. where he was the managing director.  

Craig has proven over time that he is an effective leader in business operations, covering project management, program management, business development, contract negotiations, sales and marketing, manufacturing, quality management, procurement, supplier management, and licensing.

He is open to opportunities  that offer the commitment and resources to make a significant difference. Craig believes that productivity and morale can be improved concurrently with good, consistent, honest, and professional management.

Craig has shared his journey, experiences and knowledge with Executives Diary, and we look forward to sharing his profile with all our readers.