From the Diary Of

Christine Grogan

All people deserve to live healthy lives. Consumers desire access to medicines and treatments that are safe, effective, and affordable. The medicare industry is regulated and controlled to provide public benefit and improve patient outcomes. Marketing to skilled healthcare professionals requires a level of knowledge and professionalism to convey the correct product image.
Christine Grogan has over 25 years of healthcare management experience with positions in professional and consumer marketing.  Christine was born in Columbia, S.C. and moved to Charleston S.C. Neuroscience bachelor degree led her to sales representation at Parke Davis/Pfizer. She then planned to go to medical school but loved the sales/marketing industry. Christine moved to New York City for Pfizer marketing. Christine now runs her own marketing company based in San Francisco and New York. Subsequently, she went back to corporate America, head of Americas marketing for KCI.
Christine is an expert in all aspects of commercializing brands relating to Pharma, Specialty Pharma, Plastic Surgery (Breast Reconstruction and Liposuction), and Various Medical device areas.
Christine is working on a digital campaign to help women needing breast reconstruction. Her work ensures women with breast cancer get the best possible treatment. She is working tirelessly to give access to women requiring reconstruction surgery after a mastectomy, to get their confidence back. She also works with insurance companies to provide breast construction services to the transgender community.
Christine is a proponent of hard work.  She says to be a good marketer; someone has to have lifelong learning that can make decisions with limited data sometimes.  She also says everybody needs to know about healthcare and leadership. For Christine, money doesn’t matter to be successful, but integrity does.