From the Diary Of

Cheryl Cran

The pace of technological change is relentless. Most companies realize their business cannot remain sedentary and expect to progress on the foundations or formulas that might have worked in the past. Investing in the workforce and improving management leadership cognition is paramount to coping with these disruptive changes.

Every successful person uses a business coach or leadership coaching in the form of a mentor or guide. Cheryl Cran's consultancy, helps companies analyze their current market situations; identifies strengths and areas of opportunity to deliver tangible business results. As a personal leadership coach, Cheryl identifies goals; partnering with successful leaders to ideate new strategies to plan for productive futures.

Cheryl is the author of 7 self-help books and has formulated the NextMapping™ leadership coaching strategy; all of these tools aim to build business frameworks, provide support and guidance to excel in an uncertain disruptive business environment.

Executives Diary is pleased to have Cheryl with us, and we hope to glean some useful insights into her and her business in this interview.