From the Diary Of

Brian Willingham

I consider myself different from most of the colleagues I meet. I grew up in some rough neighborhoods in Los Angeles as a youth, first in Pacoima, then in mid city and south central L.A in the 1970’s thru the 1990’s.  Los Angeles county was pretty notorious for gang activity and violence back then. Some fun facts I can actually share? I played basketball for a couple years in Europe, then I played independent and minor league baseball for a couple years after that. I had a dream of getting away through sports at that time. My favorite anecdote is an original…. “There is no such thing as work related stress.  This is your own fear of failure manifesting itself. Overcome your fear and what you have left is anticipation of results”. I have lived and taught this to the people I mentor coming up through the sales channels of organizations and it has really made an impact.

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