From the Diary Of

Shane Bornstein

Wow, fun facts huh? Where to start? Coming from a large family of 7 kids, and being the oldest – the brunt of the work around the house and elsewhere fell onto my brother’s (same age) and my shoulders. With that being said, it set up a work ethic that most people are unwilling to match. I love to travel and have been to Greece, Germany, Prague, all over Mexico, Brazil for carnival with more on the list! I have a beautiful wife and an 8 year old boy who is going into 3rd grade yet doing 5th grade work. He is a tremendous athlete to boot and I help coach his sports. I find that the same cornerstones from my career work very well at home too. These are: Communication, accountability, respect, “Vision Forward Attitude”, Celebrating every success and seeking and sharing information. With a great road map to life – you can utilize that road map for both your professional and personal growth.