Technology August 16, 2019

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Antonio Carlos Pereira

IT Director at Laureate International Universities |Antonio believes, If someone can empathize with others, then they stand a very high chance of establishing a good relationship.

About Antonio Carlos Pereira

Hardware and software used by information technology systems are today integral to every business. Computers are all-pervasive, finding applications in all sorts of diverse industries and all possible market sectors. Both hardware and software synergies need careful consideration to create optimal IT systems. Synergistic IT design must also include a thorough systems analysis and business process operational study.

Antonio Carlos Pereira is an IT guy. He has been in this industry for more than thirty years. His broad range of experience gives him a comprehensive view of system integration possibilities. Throughout his career, Antonio has worked with lots of different technologies, with many different customers, using a variety of different IT environments.

Antonio was born in Santos, a beach town near São Paulo. Antonio has a high capacity to coordinate IT teams in systems integration, infrastructure projects, and process restructuring. He leads technical teams of different sizes, hierarchical levels, and cultures.
Additionally loves sport and always been an amateur athlete. Antonio used to play soccer, but after some injuries decided to be just a soccer fan and now plays tennis regularly instead.

Most of his thirty years of experience were in the financial sector. After that, he moved to the chemical industry, and a new perspective opened to him. Suddenly, the technicalities of IT was not the “core” set of skills he needed anymore. He had to learn other good arguments to keep doing projects and receiving funding for new solutions. Antonio has worked as an IT vendor for almost four years, which was an excellent chance to be closer to the business process aspects, and understand a lot more about the industry. Since he joined his current company, his agenda is to work with projects and initiatives regarding “standardization” and “consolidation.” He says technology has been more and more present in day-to-day activities. The word “ubiquitous” has never been more appropriated to label IT. And this is not going to change.

Antonio believes that learning is a lifelong pursuit, he says, “When you think you know everything, then you’re finished”. Furthermore asserts, “One always has to reinvent oneself”. He admires people who can see the world through another’s perspective. Antonio believes, If someone can empathize with others, then they stand a very high chance of establishing a good relationship.

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Muhammad Nauman

Muhammad Nauman is the Founder and CEO of Executives Diary Incorporation. Muhammad is Aiming to land in all countries before taking off from the world. Muhammad is Reputation management and business consulting specialist, he has succeeded in the digital marketing sphere for more than a decade. Over the last 10 or so years, Muhammad Nauman has helped thousands of clients move the needle in their organizations and accomplish their commercial goals.

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