From the Diary Of

Andrew Scher

I grew up in New York, a stereotypical East Coaster (complete with a dense accent, now much softer), rather aggressive, impatient, and frankly rather pushy. Midway through my career, I was offered a VP level job in the Midwest. It took a full two years to adjust to the different culture; it’s kinder, gentler, patient, less hurried and generally much more pleasant. I now consider it my “go home,” location.

Two anecdotes speak to the “change:” 

When I first moved, I was driving on a highway in the middle lane, when I realized I was about to miss my exit. I put my turn indicator on and amazingly not only didn’t the driver to my right not speed up to make sure I didn’t get in front of him (standard in NY) but he actually slowed down to allow me to exit. 

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